Hey, welcome, this is a little pesterchum archive run by Selan Pike.

It's not like. THE pchum archive. It's just a little page for my logs and maybe some logs belonging to some of my friends. There's nothing fancy here, sorry. But if you've found your way here you might be interested in reading my logs, so here you go.

There isn't a lot here yet. Check back later for more logs. I'll announce updates on my personal tumblr. Also hey, wanna check out my art tumblr? And just since this is an RP page, have a look at my Pickle Inspector blog and my Peccant Scofflaw blog.

Chumhandle guide:

pulchritudinousScumbag = Peccant Scofflaw (mobsterswitched Problem Sleuth), precariousInvestigations = Pickle Inspector, xenoReden and sf402Etran = Original characters from Evil FTW

perspicaciousSolicitor = babby Scofflaw, and the rest of the Mobstershrimps peeps are babby versions of mobsterswitch characters. EE is babby Life.

Logs from handle pulchritudinousScumbag:

Logs from handle perspicaciousSolicitor:

Logs from handle precariousInvestigations:

Logs from handle xenoReden:

Logs from handle sf402Etran:

Logs from the Mobstershrimps AU:

Logs from the sort-of Supernatural AU:

Logs from the Trollswitch AU: